Hi! I'm Nathanaël Mariani

I'm social, curious, easygoing, grounded, hedonist, epicurean2 an "everyday life" enthusiast.

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Who i am

About me

Nathanaël Mariani

33 y/o, french, living in Marseille

It's quite hard to sump up who you are and it's a bit simplistic to label yourself but in a few words here's the essential.

I have learnt a lot over the past few years both in my personal and professional life. I'm a little bit more involved in making plans for the future but I still highly want to enjoy everyday. It doesn't mean to run away from troubles as you can't really avoid to have some in an entire life. But I prefer to see to glass half full, to keep in mind how lucky I am, and look forward regardless of the past.

My brain is not that bad and I love to push its limits to be creative as much as possible. I like the way technologies are changing our life and in the meantime I'm very cautious not to loose our past history and culture.

I always loved writing and playing with words but I'm taking more and more time for reading and writing.

In 2015 I've been traveling for nearly 6 month in Australia, Indonesia, Singapour, Malaisia, Malta and France and that was an awesome experience. I opened my mind and my soul and realized how much I love discovering new locations and having outdoor activities both in cities and wilderness.

But wherever I am, whatever I do, people are even more important to me, I learned to let them go in and out of my life. And I'm so glad and thankfull for having such a family and friends.

My skills

What I do

My skills


PHP5 / Symfony 2
Javascript (jQuery)
Angular JS (learning)


Team management
Project management
Quality assurance
Agile methods


Technical Lead/Manager

  • Technical lead
  • DevOps
  • Web development (PHP 5 / Symfony 2, MySQL, Javascript / NodeJS)
  • Code Review / Technical lead
  • Team Management

Lead Developer

  • Web development (PHP 5 / Symfony 2, MySQL, Javascript / NodeJS)
  • Code Review / Technical lead
  • Team Management
  • Friday ping pong contest winner

Project Manager

  • IT and R&D project management
  • Scientific and technical coordination with CNRS research laboratories
  • Recruitment
  • Web Full stack development (PHP 5 / Symfony 2, MySQL, jQuery)
  • Deployment and supervision

Web engineer

  • Full stack development (PHP 5, MySQL, Prototype JS)
  • Lead / R&D
  • Training Symfony 2
  • Technical meeting
  • Documentation

Web developer

  • Websites designer & developer / Intranet / BackOffice
  • PHP, JS & AS3 libraries development
  • Project management
  • Documentation


  • Web development
  • Audiovisual production and post-production
  • Broadcasting

Analyst developer

  • Project coordination at Group level
  • Development VB, L4G Progress - GPAO (ERP MFG/Pro)
  • Documentation


  • Computing science (Algorithmics, Boolean algebra)
  • Development (C, C++, VB, PHP, MySQL)
  • Communication


  • Science and Mathematics (Physics & Chemistry)
  • French native
  • English written / spoken
  • Traveler (Europe, US, South Africa, Australia, S/E Asia)

Where I've been